+ What is Immersion Hoop Retreat?

mmersion Hoop Retreat an intimate flow retreat unlike any other! Our mission is to create a safe space for exploration, growth, and community through hooping and movement. This retreat strives to reach all styles of hoopers in hope to establish a more solid foundation in movement, artistry, performance, and instruction. We boast some of the most passionate, experienced, and knowledgable instructors with individualized feedback for each attendee, new adventures and friendships, and a party you’ll talk about for years to come!

+ When is Immersion Hoop Retreat?

Immersion Hoop Retreat will be February 27th - March 1st, 2020.

+ Where is the retreat located?

Immersion Hoop Retreat will create its first memories throughout the culturally rich city of New Orleans, Louisiana. NOLA (New Orleans) is one of the most unique cities in the United States, full of art, music, voodoo, and AMAZING FOOD!

+ How do I get to the accommodations?

Immersion Retreat will offer FREE shuttle service to and from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. This is the largest and most accessible airport in the city and shuttles will pick-up/drop-off attendees intermittently. More info on pick-up at ticket purchase.

+ What are the accommodation arrangements?

More info coming in 2019.



+ What type of tickets are available?

There are many different ticket options to help fund your trip to Immersion Hoop Retreat. Tickets are sold in Tiers, with a discount for purchasing early. Early Bird pricing ends October 1st, 2018 for both Tier 1 tickets & Early Bird Payment Plan. For more pricing and payment details, visit the 'Payment' Section below.

+ What are the Ticket Prices?

Ticket info coming 2019

+ What is included with the tickets?

More Ticket info coming in 2019!

+ How many tickets are available?

Immersion strives to create the most individualized and intimate experience, so there are only 25 attendee tickets available. 20 of these tickets are All-Inclusive Passes and the remainging 5 are volunteer tickets. For more info on volunteering and volunteer tickets, see the 'Volunteer' Section below.

+ What happens if tickets sell out?

If tickets sell out, we will not be adding more, as our goal is to keep this retreat intimate. However, you may email us at immersionhoop@gmail.com to be placed on a waitlist in the event a ticketed participant cannot attend.

+ Are tickets refundable?

Tickets & Deposits are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE! Tickets are transferable and may be transfered to another person for no additional cost. Immersion Hoop Retreat is not responsible for resale of unwanted or unused ticket, though we will do our best to help you with reselling your ticket. In addition, Immersion will not transfer remaining payments over to ticket recipient, this is the responsibility of initial purchaser.



+ How do the payment plans work?

There are two payment plans, an Early Bird & a Split Payment. All payment plan options include a $75 USD service fee that is factored into ticket price. All payment plans must be completed 3 months prior to event.

  • Early Bird Payment Plan Breakdown:
    Initial Non-refundable Deposit and 4 equal payments after to be auto-deducted each month following deposit completion.

  • Split Payment Plan Breakdown: Payment plan is split into two separate payments.
    Initial Non-refundable Deposit and remaining balance to be paid in full 5 months prior to event. Remaining balance is NOT an auto-payment. This allows purchaser flexibility. NOTE: If remaining balance is not completed 3 months prior to event, your payment plan and ticket are subject to termination with no refund of past payments

+ What happens if my payment plan is not completed before the event?

If your account has insufficient funds or your remaining balance is not finalized 3 months prior to event, your payment plan is subject to termination with NO REFUND of past payments. This may result in a loss of your ticket.



+ What volunteer opportunites are available?

Immersion Hoop Retreat is looking to fill 5 volunteer spots for the following:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • On-site assistance/organization/communications
  • Shuttle driver (25+ yrs old + valid driver's license required)
  • DJ/Music Curator

+ Is experience required for volunteer positions?

Basic knowledge for these positions is required! To apply, please click here.

+ What is included in the Volunteer Ticket?

Ticket info coming 2019!

+ What is the volunteer ticket price?

More info coming 2019!

+ What are the requirements of a volunteer?

Volunteers have a handful of positions to choose from. Of this list, volunteers will be chosen to fulfil shifts throughout the weekend in exchange for a discounted ticket.

+ When will we know if we have been accepted as a volunteer? What if we are not accepted?

Info Coming soon!

Still have a question that hasn't been answered above? Email us at immersionhoop@gmail.com or visit our contact page here.