Since 2012, Conscious Mind Design has worked diligently to give hoopers top quality products. Testing out many combinations of tubing, connectors, and colors, owner & hoopsmith, Nicki Cacciato, believes she has found the best supplies to give each hooper exactly what they are looking for. Conscious Mind continues to stay up to date with newest hoop fads, all the while sticking with the methods that make up a flawless circle.


Meet Your Maker  

Conscious Mind Design began as a seed planted when hooper, Nicki Cacciato began her flow arts journey in 2012. After making her first hoop and becoming consumed by the happiness her circle had brought her, she decided she wanted to share that joy with anyone willing to learn. Over the next year she continued to construct hoops for her friends and herself, finding the perfect methods to making a top quality hoop. Throughout the years, these methods have progressed and continue to get better as this seed matures into a blossoming business. 

My goal when making every hoop is not only to produce the best quality hoop any store has to offer, but to also pay close attention to detail, and of course, put in all the love that I feel when I pick up my own hoops. I want my hoops to leave a lasting impression on each customer. I want my hoops to have a long, happy life when they are brought home!
— Nicki Cacciato, Owner & Hoopsmith

A Difference
You Can Feel


What Makes CMD
Hoops Different?


With so many hoops options and stores to choose from, there are a few things that make Conscious Mind Design hoops stand apart from the rest. Here at CMD we make sure to use top quality supplies to bring you a flawless hoop. Choose from a variety of colors in polypro or HDPE tubing. Each custom hoop is cut to size with a seamless connection held together with a polycarbonate insert. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest tubings and will not warp, so your hoop will stay perfectly circular. Every full sized hoop is finished with metal rivets and a metal push button so that it may collapse and be coiled down for easy storage or travel.


Polypro Hoops

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Polypropylene, better known as Polypro tubing is currently the most popular on the market right now. This lightweight tubing is loved by most hoopers. It is pliable and moves easily with very little effort. But, be careful with this tubing in cold weather, as it is prone to cracking or breaking once it reaches a low temperature. Here at CMD, we recommend polypro for the advanced novice to pro level hooper. If you decide on a polypro hoop as a beginner, we suggest adding some colorful tape, or grip tape to add some weight and grip to your new hoop. If you prefer a heavier, sturdier hoop, may be suggest HDPE. Continue scrolling for more info on HDPE hoops.

The Popular Kid

About Polypropylene

HDPE Hoops

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The Trusty Sidekick

About HDPE

High Density Polyethylene or, as the hoop community likes to call it HDPE is typically where all hoopers start, or at least, that's where CMD started. HDPE tubing is slightly heavier and much more durable than other tubing. It is incredibly responsive, bouncy, and sturdy. Best for the beginner hooper, or any hooper looking for a solid hoop. This tubing can withstand much abuse and cold weather. If you're a hooper that pushes your hoops to the limit, HDPE is the hoop for you! 


Size Matters!

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The size of your tubing is important when selecting a hoop and it is different for everyone. We carry 3 types of tubing: 5/8", 11/16". and 3/4". The thinnest tubing is the 5/8" tubing, which is about the diameter of a nickel. This tubing is ultra-lightweight perfect for intermediate to professional hoopers. 3/4" tubing is the thickest, with a diameter about the size of a quarter. It is only slightly heavier than the 5/8" tubing and is perfect for the beginner hooper, or fire hoops. The middle-man is 11/16"; this tubing is just a tad thicker, but has thicker tubing walls, making it heavier than both the 5/8" & 3/4". This tubing is also sturdier, which makes it ideal for tricks like breaks and wedgies, as well a fire hoops.

Picking The
Right Tubing



Here at Conscious Mind, we measure our hoops in Outer Diameter (OD), which is the measurement from the outer most edge of the hoop, across the diameter to the opposite outer most edge of the hoop. If you're a beginner, typically, the rule of thumb for picking a size for your first hoop is to measure from the floor, to just below the belly button. This usually works well, but take into consideration your height and weight as well. If you’re thinner and more petite, you’ll want to go and inch or two smaller, but if you’re thicker, you’ll want to add an inch or two. 

If you are looking to downsize from the hoop you started with, we recommend trying a hoop that is 3-4 inches smaller. If you have hoops friends, ask to play with their hoops to see what size fits you best. If you don't have access to other hoops, go with something a few inches smaller. If it's still too big, remember they can always be sized down. CMD offers FREE hoop downsizing on any hoop, you just pay the shipping costs.

Still Have Questions? 

Check out our FAQ page! If you can't find what you're looking for there, feel free to shoot us a message from out Contact page.