Nicki 'Nyx' Cacciato has had a passion for movement arts since she could walk. Growing up as a child, she would sit in front of her television, learning and imitating Michael Jackson music videos and dancing around the house. As she got older, she began taking lessons in various dance genres including tap, jazz, hip-hip and many other styles of solo dance. As she entered her 20's, she became a certified ballroom instructor, and further expanded her knowledge in dance and movement. In 2011, Nicki experienced her first hoop dance performance at a small lounge on the south side of Chicago. Captivated by the performers graceful technique and beauty, Nyx said to herself, “I NEED TO ADD THAT INTO MY DANCING!” Six months later she bought a hula hoop and has practiced every day since. The first year was difficult, having to re-learn movement in a completely different way, but she stuck with it. Now, after years of practice, personal research and discovery, she has created her own unique style of hoop dance. This style fuses together her dance experience and hula hoop skills. Each day is a progression, unlocking new ideas and understanding of how the body works. Now, with over 7 years of teaching experience and multiple classes and performances in her book, Lucy travels the world spreading her passion for movement. 

It is my life goal to share my love of movement with the world. I believe that movement is the medicine for your soul. Once you can understand the way your body works, it unlocks new doors to your mind and spirit.
— Nicki Cacciato


Nicki Cacciato // TedX Performance to Castle by Halsey

Slip In the Cemetery // Slip by Elliott Miss

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When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
— Paulo Coelho